• Advanced Warfare!

    The Ghosts Season has come to an end, and the Advanced Warefare season is just round the corner! We will of course be carrying on with our COD statistics!

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    The Database is now public!

    We are pleased to announce our complete major LAN database from Ghosts is open to the public. You can see each players average placings, teams overall LAN stats and each events player rankings, including never before seen MLG Columbus Stats and UMG Philly stats. We hope you enjoy it!

    View it here!
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    Welcome to the home of the most in-depth stats, from CoD_Stats! Enjoy your visit!

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See all the events we have covered by clicking the link the link below.

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We have every Ghosts LAN event in one sheet with player placements, overall LAN KDs and past teams.

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About us.

We are the original Call of Duty stats team, founded on the CoD Competitive Reddit page. We grew extremely quickly and realised people really enjoyed what we were doing. We made our Twitter and within a couple of months had around 7k followers. We then decided to partner with a Call of Duty coverage company however some internal issues meant we had to leave, leaving our Twitter behind unfortunatly. We started from scratch and we are growing rapidly once again! We are the home of the most in-depth Call of Duty stats and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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